Must thank many along the way that have made this Amsoil run so
much fun, and the best yet remains.  Special thanks to all my fellow
military veterans along the way, all services, we did our thing so many
others could sleep at peace.  

Special thanks to retired Air Force Lt Colonel Al Amatuzio, the founder
and still CEO of Amsoil.  Can't say enough good things about this
man...after retirement he had a vision and followed it.  This foresight
and determination created an entire industry and had he not done so, I
would not have the best business in the world.

There are those who do theory, sitting in classrooms and big
businesses and others that take that theory to flight and beyond and
risk all.  Al Amatuzio took those risks and so did I and many of my
fellow flyers.

I still carry in the trunk of my car an empty quart container of NATO
CODE O-156 from my Navy flying days used in the engines of the
EKA-3B pictured on my site.  Still have the slice in the top from the
HITEC stab from my survival knife.  Recall pouring that first ever quart
into an engine, this "Synthetic" oil poured like water.  Also have an
empty from today's airliner's---exact same NATO Code--though near a
35 gap in time between the two.  Times may change, these oils really
did not.  My engines held 10.5 gallons each and produced 10,500
pounds of thrust, today's airliner holds but 20 quarts and about 40,000
pounds of thrust.

I've built a strong dealer presence throughout this great country,
please feel free to contact me or any of my dealers for
information/support.  These are people that have in many cases long
business backgrounds with strong entrepreneurial talent.  We are not
the biggest, but we really are the best.  You want personal service
from someone that has "Been there done that" and has made the calls
in the trenches----call us.  

There's no bailout funds in our backgrounds...

Tom Santell/Amsoil Master Direct Jobber

LCDR--USNR-----and proud of it!
other locations to purchase amsoil synthetic motor oil
EKA-3B - Tail #147666 sits at the Western
Aerospace Museum,
Oakland, CA.  I have about 400 hours in this very plane,
maybe 40 carrier launches/traps..."Landings"
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Single unit bypass on the 2005 Ford
Escape---BMK-21---installed Jan 06 at 23,000 miles,
vehicle now has near 70,000 miles and no oil
changes---all analysis have been clean....At 5000 mile
intervals---I change the flow filter and top off.
The Injen installed Jan 09 in my 2007 Nissan Altima
2.5 Liter sedan....first notice----More power, can
HEAR it when you step on it....MPG slight
improvement though one tends to drive it more
aggressive. No more air filter purchases--or at
least--very few as this filter designed to go four
years/100K miles.
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